Thursday, May 21, 2009

Breaking News: You could save BIG TIME!

Well, that's not really breaking news, but an article was brought to my attention from the Professional Hobo. She has recently written an article on travelling full time for less than 14 000 per year. As someone looking to travel full time, I find this quite useful, and can only assume that there are a number of you out there who might also want to get in on some of her tips and tricks.

To break it down, she has organized her post into sections:
  1. Save 80% on Airfare
  2. Work for Accommodation
  3. Get Free Accommodation
  4. Work While Traveling
  5. Learn the Truth About Volunteering
  6. Become a Part of a Community
  7. Avoid the Biggest Trap
  8. Be Food Wise
  9. Roll with the Punches
  10. Rethink Travel Expenses
  11. Travel Slowly
Don't those look fantastic folks? I know I'm enamored. So please, by all means, go give it a look and help spread the useful knowledge and information. Undoubtedly you'll be glad you did. Even if not for the tips, than the writing style alone.

[we now return to the sloggingly slow updates, and torturouly spaced updates you've become used to here over the last little while. I tell you what though, they're in the works. I only hacve 35 tests, 28 essays, 100 journals, and thirty creative pieces left to mark, and then I'll be golden! Plus the Blue Jays aren't in town, which gives me little reason to go out. So - they're coming. Please bear with me!]

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  1. I am so excited for you. I can't wait to follow you around the world!


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