Friday, May 22, 2009

Wisdom Comes from Many Places

I just stumbled upon a post over at Kuro5hin titled How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World.

I've been thinking of writing a post along these lines for some time, but as I'm already so back logged (and heading to Anime North this weekend - thus preventing me from creating anything substantial over these brief two days off) I felt I should share the linky love and pass this site on to the rest of you.

Sure the author uses a homicidal anarchist who kills thousands as a basis for good advice (I am jacks waning sense of surprise) but the points he makes are still valid.

From never fearing to go it alone, to always remembering your own towel, this post doesn't leave one hanging. Peppered with popcultural refferences it's also a worthwhile read just to see what names will be dropped next, and how they'll be used.

Pleasant reading, all.

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