Monday, July 27, 2009

Growing Pains []

Well - that's it. I've moved to a I am now and I'm not going to lie, getting a domain name like that took a lot of searching. I'm sad giving up the previously.bitten name, because I loved it so. There are also two other names that I let fall by the wayside too that I thought would be lovely.

I almost feel like a "sell out" going for a more 'hit friendly' name, but when I tell people where they can check me out, I figure this is most convenient. And as I started this site as a place for my friends to follow me around the world from, I feel I've made the right call.

So please update your bookmarks (I'm still trying to update all the weblinks too, that will be an ongoing process).

I also have a new RSS feed that you can add if you choose to.

Hopefully this transition is as smooth as it can be, and thank you very much for reading! It's well appreciated.

What Else Has Changed?
You will also notice the searchbar at the top. This may seem like a small change, but it has allowed for a great amount of streamlining and organization to the website. I now have a way to catagorize posts that "matter" and also information that I think is worth noting. Hopefully you, too, will find it of use.

Once again, thank you for your continued reading and support of what is now known as


  1. New RSS feed, done! I like the new name, but I also liked the old one. Good luck with this rebrand! - Tammie

  2. And Mike, thank you for the mention in your post!! I'm very appreciative of that. - Tammie


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