Saturday, July 25, 2009

rebranding the blog

So I'm thinking of getting a dot com. I figure for 10 dollars a year, even in the best case that I live long enough, and keep the site going until I die, it won't cost me more than 700 for a lifetime - however, I need to think of a new name. Something more "up front" than previously.bitten.

I like the name previously bitten, but what does it say? SoloRoadTrip I get, America in 100 Days - that makes sense. Professional Hobo, LL World Tour - these sites all make sense. You know what they're about without thinking. Even Folie à Deux makes perfect sense if you learn what it means...

But previously.bitten? That's not right up there. I've been throwing a few ideas around - not clever sounding, but more direct:

Travelling Teacher, teacherstravel (which could be read as teachers travel or teacher's travel) ateacherstour or teacherstour - something like that. I do want to work the teacher gimmick into it. I like travellingteacher, but because travelling is spelled two ways (with one or two l's) I am fearful of using it.

Anyway - anyhelp with the renaming would be appreciated. Feel free to avoid the gimmick of the teacher if you wish.



  1. Hi Mike,
    As I've learned from Nomadic Matt (a little too late for both him and me), choosing a great blog name is key to getting hits! (Hehe, I bought his ebook). "Popular" key words like "teacher" and "travel" incorporated in to your name help search engines find you faster as well! So choose wisely, choose well. Before it's too late....Good Luck!

  2. Hey Mike,

    Do you want someone to help you to create your new website? If you do, then let me know. I do have a contact with someone who does this kind of thing.

    All the best with finding a good name for your new website. I was helping a friend work on this very same thing last weekend.

    I second Jen's suggestion re popular key words.


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