Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Helsinki Wrap Up

I have been bad at keeping these updated. But now, on the train from Stockholm to Copenhagen, I have lots of time to do them all – and then post them all in a flood of information. What fun!

Helsinki's Greatest Moments
I have a hard time really remembering Helsinki – nothing really stands out from the other capitals. There was the rock church, but even at the time I didn't think it that much more than any other church carved out of rocks (of which I've seen oh so many, in my day, you must understand.) The cemetery down by the water was pretty great. And so was the ability to see Tallinn, though one wonders if I should use the experience of seeing another country as part of the reason I liked Helsinki.

Helsinki's “I could do without” Moments
The baby screaming on the boat. Seriously mom, silence your child. Or atleast have the courtesy to show that you understand we don't all find it as bloody charming as you do. Effin' Velociraptors! I would have said the prices, but – hah – what I fool I would have been. I've since learned Helsinki prices are quite reasonable for Scandinavia.

Also – having to trek down to the central station for Internet? That could be done without. Though it didn't allow me to use it as a crutch either, so...

Helsinki's Moments to Return For
There is a lot of exploring to be done outside the city centre. And that's what I'd like to go back for. I'd like to grab myself a bus pass, and see just how far out the city extends.

What I'll Remember
The showers in the hostel. Sure the ones on my floor were broken – but high pressure, constant heat. They were fan-tastic.

Shout Outs
The delightful German
The Columbian who swears his country is safe... Well – kinda... Well -

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