Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oslo Wrap Up

Oslo Wrap Up

Greatest Moments
Oslo came to life for me in that statue garden. Sure, I liked it before, but there in that garden, everything just kind of came together. It was there that I was told about how far the public transit system extended, and there that I spent a number of hours simply enjoying and appreciating – well everything.

Taking the ferry here and there, for no reason other than to see where it would get me was great. As was walking around with all the ghosts in the viking museum.

“I could do without” Moments
What did I dislike about Oslo? Here I will say the prices – though I'm told Copenhagen is worse. But it becomes easy to understand how people can afford to live here, when you realize that a supermarket check out clerk gets paid 100K an hour (twice that on weekends.) Why yes that is just about 40 dollars and hour to scan your groceries. And suddenly everything falls into place.

Things to Return For
Everything? As I said, I could live here. There's nothing not to return for. But I'd like to see more of the country. I'm told Oslo is nothing compared to Bergen in the west. Mind you, west coast people always love their cities over the – much better – main cities. I know another country where people hold that exact same attitude. Hmm-hm-hmm-hmm-hm.

What I'll Remember
Taking the train / tram in and out of the city every day. Having the need to buy a metro pass expand my horizons, so to speak.

Shout Outs
The biker from the garden.

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