Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stockholm Wrap Up

Stockholm Wrap Up

Greatest Moments
The best part of my trip to Stockholm was very clearly walking around Djurgården. There's nothing like a really long walk to make you appreciate a place, and make you feel like you're living your life well. It's even more delightful when there are a number of unusual sights along the way, and you have no real idea when the trip is ever going to end.

“I could do without” Moments
There were not any real things I could have lived without. It was just – a city – no better or worse than any other. It had its charm, and that's that. It's not its fault that it's not the belle of the ball. Plus, it had a hard act to follow.

Things to Return For
Stockholm – would I return? Where would I return first, Helsinki or Stockholm? Honestly – probably neither. But I might like to come back to the area, and camp around the countries. The Stockholm Archipelago is apparently something not to be missed. So, perhaps, some day I will make my way out there.

What I'll Remember
Using the internet on a boat that has circumnavigated the oceans. And the fantastic Veggie Buffet.

Shout Outs
The Artist from the Hostel

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