Friday, September 25, 2009

Sleep In Green Hostel: Copenhagen

I'm staying in the hostel Sleep In Green, and I would highly recommend it. Good times, good people, good common room, and good internet access. The price isn't bad either.

But what is a hostel? What can one expect to find there? Well – I've been staying in a lot of hosteling international places, and I think that will come to an end very soon. And I'll tell you why – they're clean, and orderly, and that's why you get the old people and the families and the school groups. Places like this my not be so clean, but they're down to earth. And they make sense. And they attract the type of traveler that I want to attract. So, thank you very much HiHosteling, but I think it's time we part ways. I'm not old enough for you yet. Also, you're kind of pricey.

So this hostel has a great common area with couches, flat screen tv (which makes me wonder why rappers on Cribz always point out that there tv is a flat screen as if it's two thousand and two, and that's some sort of novel wonderment.)

But the real meat of this place is down below, in the dorm. It's all one giant dorm with thirty beds, but each area is broken into four bed areas with dividing walls. Each area is painted, or decorated by who knows whom, and it's really quite lovely.

There's no perks here – no kitchen, no fridge, no bed where you won't bash your head on the top bunk each morning. But it's quaint, it's lovely, and for the moment – it's home.

They've also wallpapered their washrooms with comic book pages, and I think that's just fantastic!

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