Sunday, September 27, 2009

Teeny Tiny Amsterdam Post

Hey everyone. This is me, writing to you. The thing is, I've ever so hungry, and as such words, and what not, are lacking. I have not eaten for a full 24 hours, and while normally this is not such a big thing for me, it is today. So I will quickly need to be off to find food.

Why, you might ask, have I not eaten? Am I falling into a new lose weight quick technique (that provides results, as the cost of your health?) Why no. It's because German Rail hates me. That's just how it is.

I was more than prepared for the 15 hour train ride. The 20 hour one, not so much.

See, the other thing is that that post is all in videos. Which I can't upload. Why can't I upload? No free internet here in Amsterdam. This is of course a lie, because I'm using free internet now. At the public library (behind the chinese ship just down from the central station.) But - there is no USB port, so I can't upload files. And the hotspot here is uploading at 0.23MB That's bad.

Also - I think I blew a fuse trying to plug my laptop in. There were lots of angry shouts in a language that I don't know.

Questions to ponder:
1. Why is The Netherlands Holland?
2. Why is someone playing My Heart Will Go On on the library piano?
3. Why does the library have a piano?
4. Where can I get a Big Mac in Amsterdam? Seriously - I've craved one for a month.

Finally, I would like to point out that a good number of people do appear to be perma-stoned. This is not for me, you see, as I dislike all drugs - never using illegal, and rather distrusting perscription as well.

Oh good, they've started to play My Heart Will Go On again from the top. I was just thinking, man - I wish he would play that song again. Home Country pride and all that.

O.K. so I'm a little loopy now.

But here's the thing - I can't upload pictures, or videos, which means I'll either write posts and just hold off on them, or post the posts, and then add the images and videos later, when I have the means.

Alright - that's it for me. Off to find some food.

Ohh - I bought my ticket to the Anne Frank house. I forgot the poster that some of my grade 12s did on that book last year which features a scantily clad Anne Frank advertising the book, with slogans such as "read about the sexual excursions of Anne Frank."

Seriously - did they even read the back of the book? (Hello, to you if you're out there.) How I wanted a picture of myself holding that poster infront of the house. Ai ya.

Ohh - if you are out there, and you have the image file, email me and then it can still be a reality.

Final, final point: Holland is a region in The Netherlands

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