Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm Sick. I Know.

I woke up this morning to the Australian's friends shouting her name over and over. My bed was shaking.

At one point they started smacking here screaming her name. I could pretend to sleep no longer. The image of her worming under the bed from last night still terrified me. But now all seemed to have worked itself out in the great cosmic way. She was dead.

They smacked her for another two minutes, before accepting my claim as to her no longer being in the land of living. With the bed no longer shaking, I could get up and put on some pants.

Then her leg twitched.


And that was it. That was my day. It ended at nine in the morning. And do you know why? Because I watched – that's right: Torchwood.

But I'm done with it now. The habit is broken. Well that's not right. More like I ran out of episodes. But I've seen the full series now. And it's done. So now I have no more media to consume.

Except for HIMYM and Big Bang Theory that still comes out every week. And Lost will be starting up soon. Oh and True Blood – that will eventually hit the air once more. And then The Pacific (follow up to Band of Brothers) starts in two months.

But – nothing else pressing.

Except Smallville. I'd like to catch up on that if only because I've sunk so many years of my life into it. And this year they say it's really ending. Although that's why I've stuck with it since season 4 when it was supposed to end. But no more on this.

I did nothing all day.

But I thought about travel some. About how going to a new country, or a new city doesn't really hold anything for me anymore. I've seen cities in the Orient, I've seen Europe, I've seen North America, and I've seen Africa. Within a few weeks I'll have seen South America. And I know Australia will be different – but I'm squishing Namibia and North America together, and assuming that's about right.

Soon enough I'll have seen most natural landscapes. I'll have seen everything. When I hit Antarctica in March there really will be few secrets left to me. And I'm already starting to feel that.

The world is becoming Rome. And Rome, if you recall, is just a museum.

It's no longer about going to see the majesty of the museum. It's not longer about seeing surprises behind every twist and turn. That's fun for a while, but after the first hour or so, you're lucky if a piece in one room of of seven catches your eye.

And then once you've been to the museum, you rarely go back – maybe every now and then to see a piece you really enjoyed. Or if there's a special exhibit on somewhere. Or if they've redone a wing, perhaps, or made new acquisitions. But it's rare that you go back. Oh sure some people love the museum, and when I had a free pass I used to go to kill time, because why not? It's neat, and it's not costing anything – but when they slapped on the fifteen dollar price tag, that was that for me. I'll probably go back every few years just to remind myself what it was all about. But that's it, unless I become rich and fifteen dollars for a wander through things I've already seen (or things that are so identical to things I've already seen, that I couldn't care enough to fictionalize why this pot is any different from the one I saw last year.) And if friends want to go with me, well then I'll head back and wander those same halls with them, because then it's a fun social thing and the pieces are more the backdrop for your socializing. And different views bring different appreciation. Your friend likes Egyptology, so that room is a highlight this trip, rather than a quick scan through. You even stop bringing your camera after long enough.

And this is travel to me now.

Don't get me wrong – still awesome. Think of how cool it would be to get locked in the museum, and what not. But, this is what travel is to me now.

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