Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Shopaholic Book is Stupid (X- why is it stupid? Y - Because it's dumb. X - Why is it dumb? Y - Because it's stupid!

I do not like the shopaholic books, I do not like the shopaholic books, I do not like the shopaholic books!

But if that's true then, why I have just read the last one hundred pages without stopping? And why is the first break I've taken specific to write about how much I dislike the books? But, come on – lets be honest. No one reads these books and relates to the characters right? Thinks she's anything but insane? I mean I know there are a bunch and I'm just on the first – just going to read the first. I'm reading the first. You know, I'm travelling. You read what you can access when yo travel.

But then I didn't really leave with this book, and in fact I traded a book I'd not yet read for this book, so...

But I didn't want my first Sherlock Holmes books to be one of the modern texts, that would be oh so insulting to ACD. So I just couldn't read it and that was that.

But then there was this book, and so a trade was made, and there you have it. But I don't like it. At all. I might finish it tonight.

But now that I'm connected to the internets... Luckily there's nothing left to watch, and I have to sit on the floor to access a plug socket, and it hurts my back and blah blah blah ON WITH THE NEWS!

So I woke up today, and packed all my belongings, then realized I was exhausted. After such a busy, full, and active day yesterday I couldn't possibly be expected to remain alert. So i lied down on the couch and joined in the watching of Inglorious Basterds. This was actually quick wonderful. I mean such all of Qts films are essentially the same and terribly formulaic, but that doesn't stop them from being good. It just lets you know what's what.

But then that ended and it was time to leave. So leave I did, grabbing a tuk-tuk into town, and right to the door of my new hostel. My new hostel that was one third the price (3USD a night, rather than 9) and settled in. Just as I was unpacking I noticed I had no towel.

This was because my towel was hanging in my old hostel.

This was because I was an idiot.

Having lost one towel already, I was in no mood to lose another. And this one was still within reach. I would need to return the forty minute, maybe an hour, walk back to hostel the first. But not before dropping 1100B on a trekking trip for the next two days.

So back at the old hostel, I looked the fool, grabbed my towel, and started heading back. This would pass me by Pizza Hut. Ah, what the hey? Why not – yeah? So in I went, had a double pizza (a chicken supreme pizza on top of a pizza with chicken and spinach) and proceeded to feel sick with myself. As one rightly should after Pizza Hut. But I was no longer craving it. And it was not delicious. And it cost the same as staying in my hostel for the night I'm here. Still – had I not eaten it, it would have been the most delicious thing in all of creation. Plus, on my walk there, and sitting in the restaurant I finished my book. No more Heinlienian Incest for me – not until I read another Lazarus Long (or should I say Captain Jack Harkness?) tale.

Just as I was tossing one book aside, I saw staring at me, a Tom Clancy novel. All 900 pages of soft covered glory. I didn't really want to add to my pack – but, Tom Clancy. I'd never read any before this trip, and his grade three reading level makes for some interesting writing. And this one takes place in China – where I'll be going soon enough. So why not, right? I should be done my current book sooner than expected anyway.

It should be noted that I don't like the shopaholic book. Just one more time. So my protesting too much becomes beyond obvious, and rather quite tedious.

Well that's about it. No great tale, no tangent I want to bust in on. But that's probably because my U key is even more obnoxious than usual, sitting on the floor, and I really do want to get back to reading my book. Which I do not like.

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    Thanks again.

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