Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blogging Day

Nine Thirty. I'd slept enough. I had a lot of work ahead of me. A lot of blogs to write.

It was now April 22nd. My last blog went live on the first. Three weeks to write – around twenty thousand words needed thinking up and typing. Open up my notes and...

You know what? Better to browse some internets first. O.K. Eleven o'clock, time to blog!

And time passed by. Thankfully I am not a slow typer, otherwise this may never have happened. I also had the practice from writing all my Africa blogs at once too. But still it was no easy task.

Around one or two in the afternoon I decided I should probably look into booking my flight from China to Singapore. I messed with my schedule and decided to fly out of Shanghai, visiting Beijing earlier on. This works as I know someone there so I don't need to worry about booking a place to sleep – so I can stay however long I want and not be rushed in or out. Also she will provide me with knowledge of where to go, and how to get there in China.

Flight booked. The hostel in Hong Kong was harder – only a few days away most were full. I couldn't believe it, but it as true. Eventually I found one that wasn't too terribly expensive, though it was still about twenty bucks a night on average.

With that taken care of I wrote more blogs.

Crap the train – how would i get from Hong Kong to Beijing? Future Mike was not present Mike and needed to deal with it. I had to email the train office and request a ticket, but I would have to wait on their reply. Still – message sent.

More blogs.

Around five I decided I needed a real break, my adrenalin was pumping, as it often is when I speed stream of conscious, and I had to slow myself down. One hour – an hour – I played Oblivion, before I felt guilty and was drawn back to the moment, and had to type more. And type I did – not stopping to eat, or leave the house, or anything until 9:10pm.

It was at that moment that my final blog went live, and then became now.

Thankfully my buddy and his wife both worked late today, otherwise I'd be drawn into socializing, which I love to do and become quite distracted by (hence the lack of writing before now.) But no. I was caught up. All that was left was to begin today's blog.

ts of nine nineteen pee em then has become now. I am writing in real time, and it feels great. Now if you'll excuse me, I have more games what need playing.

That was it – that was the extent of the day. Writing, writing, and writing. And then it was done, it was over, and a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I should reward myself, by not writing any for a few days. I mean what could go wrong? What could happen if I left myself fall behind a day, or two, or three...

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