Monday, May 31, 2010

It Was Supposed to be Comic Book Day

It was supposed to be comic book day today! There were no comic books read by me. Not today.

Waking up at noon, after just a few hours of real sleep, I could not move on. I could not leave the house. I was in pain. Real pain. I don't often feel pain that I can't shut out, but this? This was no wonderful and happy.

I took some more pain killers, and then sat hunched over for half an hour as they took effect. I didn't even notice that the time was passing and when I saw how much had? It's strange how pain works. When you feel it, it's all that there is. And trying to make it go away, even if only by the 10% that hunched sitting relieves is everything. But then when it's gone? It's like it never existed.

They scared me – painkillers. You feel perfectly perfect, but you're not. Just under the surface the hurt is there, waiting to resurface. Which begs the question – are you daaging yourself by not paying attention to it? And if you're not, why does it have to be so cruel and bother you at all?

And – when you start to feel the drugs wearing off? Well that's a terrible thing, because even if you take more straight away, it's too later. There will be a gap between them ending and the others kicking in. A terrible terribel gap.

I did enjoy a library full of comics I was excited to read. Nor some good NZ hot dogs for lunch.

No, I had three pieces of bread, with a touch of tomato sauce (ketchup) as it was about all I could keep down. And plenty of water.

I also continued to pass in and out of wakefulness.

With this time travel in motion it was soon 5, and Angie was back from drumming for the news. The All Blacks were having an important game. Or was it the All Whites? New Zealand has some interesting team names. Their soccer team? The All Whites. Rugby? All Blacks. And basketball? I can't make this up, folks... It's the – sigh – Tall Blacks.

I'm not sure if that's awesome, or terrible.

I slipped in and out of sleep which passed the day by – pausing to watch season one of the BBC Office. I knew they carried a lot over to the American version, but the characters, plots, and gags? They also came with it. And while most characters stand alone in the American version. Jim (based on the BBC Tim) is not only the same, he looks the same, and uses the same body language. It's creepy.

Before I had time to watch season two I was falling, once more, to sleep.

After playing a wee bit of Uke that is.

So much for comic book day. And I was so excited too.

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