Monday, May 31, 2010

Making Use of Medical Insurance

Despite checking a few times, it turns out that I do not fly out of Wellingon today, but tomorrow.

Because of this mix up, Angie had taken the day off. Oops. But this was providence. The hand of a greater power was in motion. Or, you know, it just worked out for the best.

When I woke up, the pan was hardly noticeable and I thought – good – it's abut time it's gone One day was more than enough. I thought I'd be getting better that I didn't need drugs, and that soon all would return t normal in my travel world. That or I'd be dead. I figured that one of the two option would come to pass. Thirty minutes later when the pain had reaxhed it's fll force , I cursed my earlier foolishness, an tried t down some more drugs. Nothing was getting better!

Hunched over, I called to Angie – Time for the doctors.

I talked her out of calling an ambulance. It was only pain after all, and soon we were off and driving to emerge, where it hurt to fill out all the forms, and paperwork. But the staff were lovely. I don't understand why the staff at a hospital should be nice, as they are not an American private institution.

I was pointed to a sign listing how much this would cost – 394 dollars just to see the doctor. Everything the doc did? That was jus t bonus. What could I do? I said it was ok, and filled out some more papers.

I was shuffled from room to room before I was finally seen – but with only an hour passing between getting there, and seeing the Doc, I thought that that was pretty good – all things considered.

She felt some places, listened to some things, and then sent a nurse to hook me up to a drip. I've never had all those strange and magical things put into me. Having a tap, as if I were a maple tree, plugged into my arm was strange. And having blood taken? It wasn't the colour it is on tv. Very much a burnt red, rather than bright crimson. And then when the saline solution was plugged in – that was a strange sensation. The cool water ade my hand feel as if it were submerged in an ice bucket. But it wasn't the cold water on my hand, t was the water inside of my hand. I could feel it move through the right sde of my body.

An hour later, when it was done, and I'd stared all I could at the bag suspended before the planetary solar system wallpaper, I was told that I likely had kidney stones. There was trace blood in my urine – yay – but aside fro that, I was fine.

Ah kidney stones. Some women have been quoted saying they'd rather give birth ten times than go through kidney stones again. I was, needless to say, overjoyed by this prognosis. Well – at least nothing exploded inside me, nor was I dying It would just be a rough little while to come. I was prescribed all sorts of drugs, including codeine (in an amount which I fear will not last.)

Drugged up, I headed to a fish and chips shop with Angie who, beautifully, waited the whole time with me. Once more, while this may not be the most fun, were it to have happened a few weeks ago in China? That would have been very different experience.

The fish? Great. AND I had a New Zealand hot dog marking one hot dog in every continent.

It would have been more at home in Scotland, battered and deep fried. But still – delicious.

And the fish? So good. Blue – something. I was told, but my memory is not the bet when on the painkillers. Just keeping my eyes open can be a challenge. [authors note: it's proving a challenge now a I write this. typos a plenty. Forgive spelling errors.]

There was far too much food, and it would come home as my dinner.

Back at home, I wanted to stay awake and watch some more Office, or – so something – but between drugs, pain, and sleeping my last night passed rather quickly. It was caped with a yummy Crunchie ice cream bar though. And that's yum.

Packing up my gear, I prepared to head on out to the airport early tomorrow morning too. Then we watched some Lost. I know – I know – the ending? No good. Still, I wanted to see ho it had played out, anyway. I had forgotten quite a bit.

And then sleep. Sweet merciful sleep. As I gulped some final dugs and drained the water from my glass m leave here i n Wellington was at an end.

All things considered, it really was a great time here in Wellington.

Claims for my medical insurance? They've been submitted. Now we just have mail off some docs, and then play the waiting game. Time t find out if World Nomad's is as good as everyone says.

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